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0.1.5 release

gpe-expenses v0.1.5 is now on release from SourceForge under the GNU General Public Licence version 3 or later.

Why GPE?

A few reasons:

  1. C not C++, like all my other QOF related projects (although I have nothing against C++ per se).
  2. More similar to Gnome than to KDE - making reuse of gnucash/QOF/pilot-qof code more likely.
  3. Gtk - ditto


Equivalent for Expenses on the Palm. Supports payment types, categories, expense types (mileage, meals, parking, etc.), notes, currency selection etc.

gpe-expenses started as a typical qof-gen CLI application but now has a Gtk front-end, built on libgpewidget1. v.0.1.5 is on release at SourceForge. CVS access is also available via SourceForge. Some of this Gtk code should be available as an option from qof-gen in due course.


gpe-expenses is available in Debian unstable and testing distributions. gpe-expenses is also packaged for Emdebian (embedded debian).


iPAQ (Familiar/GPE): (v0.0.6)
screenshot on an iPAQ edit an expense screenshot

Gnome. v0.0.5
Main window and properties dialogue v0.0.5

gpe-expenses main window editing a gpe-expense



  1. QOF allows a sync operation to be selective and recursive - providing a method of data-mining.
  2. The QOF library is already being built on arm as a Debian package so porting is not anticipated to be a large problem (see
  3. Data compatibility.

gpe-expenses uses QOF. It's not hard to wrap QOF around existing C structs. I don't anticipate any report capability being available on the iPAQ from gpe-expenses - only the via sync operation to the PC.

QOF depends on glib-2.0. gpe-expenses uses a sqlite backend via QOF.


Written by Neil Williams <> December 2006. Updated September 2007. Logo

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